About Us

Hello! We Are The Tipi Wedding Company.

(more commonly known as Sophie and Kyle)


I’m the creative, idea-generating admin girl with a HUGE love for dogs (and weddings).

I’m the person on the other end of emails, socials and website design and here to help throughout your wedding planning process.

I’m also a full-time wedding photographer, so when it comes to weddings – welllll, I’ve been to a few!

I love Flamin Hot Cheetos and Binge-Watching those seriously gripping British Crime Shows Netflix is full of! I’m also currently learning to roller skate and loving every minute of it!


Kyle is the ‘muscle’ (sorry, Kyle) and logistical brain that will turn poles and canvas into a stunning wedding venue for your day.

You’ll probably meet Kyle on your site visit where we check out the space!

If it’s an event you’re hiring tipis for, Kyle will likely be your point of contact too.

Kyle loves watching the Rugby (any Saints fans?) pizza, long walks and going away in our van!

When choosing our tipis for your day, you don’t just get them, you get us too!

, Meet The Team
Photo: Rosie Kelly Photography

Wedding Planning Support

Having worked in the wedding industry prior to The Tipi Wedding Company even began, we can offer assistance in every part of the process. From the moment you book us, we are someone you can contact right up to the big day.

We had a tipi wedding

So we have been exactly where you are now! It's a fun but crazy experience putting an outdoor wedding together, but we've done it ourselves so are here to help in any way we can.

Supplier List

We have a list of amazing, local suppliers who we can seriously recommend to give you the best wedding day possible. We can personally vouch for them having used them on our wedding day too.

Ivy the Husky

There is also a third part to our team, but she comes with 4 paws. Ivy is our resident office dog who we have had since 8 weeks old. She’s a 3 year old Siberian Husky and often the favourite out of the three of us – don’t worry, we understand! Likes: Belly tickles, walkies and attention. Dislikes: Not getting attention 24/7

, Meet The Team
, Meet The Team