tipi wedding floorplans,

When planning a tipi wedding one of the main things you’ll need to decide is how many hats you’d like to celebrate in for your wedding day! When anyone plans an outdoor wedding, it is typically the first time you’ve ever put something like this together, so how on earth do you know?! For us, though, it’s something we chat to couples about every day (and had to do ourselves for our own tipi wedding day) so here’s a post to get you started!


Tipi Wedding Floorplans and Layouts

3 Hats

Our most popular configuration is our three hat set up. With this floorplan, we recommend up to 160 ‘seated’ guests. Don’t forget, with tipi weddings they offer a totally relaxed feel, so you don’t need to have a seat for every bum! But, if you did want to for something like the speeches so everyone can take a pew, the option is then there. When it comes to the evening party, though, you can truly have as many people as you fancy. The beauty of an outdoor wedding is the inside because the out and all of your family and friends can join you to celebrate.

Our favourite thing about 3 hats, regardless of if you have 60 guests or 160, is the option of using one as a chill-out space! Our favourite floorplan is below offering 72 seated guests with the more ‘formal’ seating with our rustic benches and tables. In the middle, you’ll find a 12 x 12 wooden dance floor with your awesome choice of band or DJ (and disco ball up high of course!) and the third hat is left with a firepit to toast marshmallows, get cosy and enjoy the summer evening! This is the most versatile and fun layout that shows the possibilities you have with three hats!


2 Hats

The next option is our two tipi set up. 2 hats still allow for a great number of guests and an awesome wedding day! With a 2 tipi set up, it’s common that one hat is there for your ‘formal’ seating, whilst the second hat is for your dance floor and band or DJ. The seating can also be spread into where the tipis join, moving the dancefloor a little further along to seat up to 120 guests!

The same with the 3 hats set up, there are few restrictions on the number of evening guests you’d like on the day. As long as your venue can cater to them, you can have all of your family and friends there to celebrate. As with any tipi wedding, the party can also be spread outside.

The below seating plan is based on a typical 2 hat set up – 72 seated around a firepit in one hat, with the second used for your dance floor and band, with plenty of room for a cake table if needed!

Top tables and the more traditional seating plans are apparent in your typical hotel weddings, but with a tipi wedding it really can be a ‘free for all’, where everyone can decide where they’ll be sitting amongst themselves, indoor and out. You also don’t need to seat everyone if you’re having more relaxed food options. Guests can sit on picnic blankets, rattan furniture outside or just on the grass on a warm day. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere, so we can work together to make a tipi layout that matches your vision.

If you are wanting a more formal seating option, an awesome idea is hiring a smaller table for what is called a ‘sweetheart’ table. This is somewhere for just the two of you to sit during your meal and whenever you need some time throughout the whole wedding day. It’s also an opportunity to spend some quality time together on the happiest day of your life, because believe me when I say it flies! I always recommend having as much time together as possible although you will get lost in your day, this is a great opportunity to make it happen!

As you may know, we’re also wedding photographers full time! When looking for a wedding photographer, make sure you choose someone who will give you that little bit of time on your own away from the hustle and bustle of it all! You can find out more about my wedding photography for fun, relaxed and laid back couples here.


1 Hat

The last option for your tipi wedding is a simple but equally as magical 1 hat setup. This is a great option for an intimate wedding or can we say ‘covid-friendly’ celebration! Whether you want to fill it with comfy furniture, or make use of our rustic tables and benches with a fire pit in the middle.

It can be used as a bar, a covered seating option if you are having a fully outdoor wedding, or somewhere inside for your guests to party the night away with a dance floor! It’s ideal for those more intimate weddings where it’s just you and up to 64 guests, where you’re happy with dancing OR indoor seating, as opposed to the big celebrations with both. Of course, you can still have seating outside or have your first dance on the lawn, so you don’t have to miss out on either if you’re ready to brave some British weather!

 1 tipi hat is obviously the most affordable option whilst still allowing you to have your tipi wedding day. You’ll still get our walkway and the fabulous twinkly fairy lights on every pole. This package is all-inclusive at £2500!


We hope this post is helpful to get a little bit of an understanding of your options with each package in terms of floorplans and guest numbers, but for all the information about our all-inclusive tipi wedding pricing, visit our packages page! If you choose us for your special day, we are here to help put together your ideal tipi wedding floorplans. Tipis are the most versatile wedding venues out there, so let’s make your dream day happen!