When looking at wedding venues, it’s fair to say there is an overwhelming amount of choice! From barns to manor houses, there are endless amounts of wedding venues in every area across the country. With tipi companies, it’s slightly different, with few of us in each area offering slightly different packages plus the individual details that set us apart. At the end of the day, we all give the same output – your tipis – but here at the tipi wedding company, we think it’s everything else that we offer that can transform your wedding planning experience. Having been through it ourselves back in 2017, we wanted to share some tips on choosing a tipi wedding company for your big day. We hope it helps you to find the best people for you!


Here are our tips on choosing your tipi company!



1. Supplier Recommendations

Finding suppliers who will truly give you the best service for your big day can be a minefield! Having someone in the industry who can tell you about some awesome people who they know will be perfect for your day takes away the time to research, scroll through reviews and source the right people for you.

For us personally, 95% of our supplier recommendations are people we had at our own tipi wedding, so we know they’ll do an incredible job for yours. We have first-hand experience with them all and truly, couldn’t have been happier. We want you to feel the same!

Speaking of suppliers, the bouquet above is by the wonderful Sioux who also did our wedding florals too! You can check her out here (and may spot my review with some photos of my own bouquet too!): https://www.facebook.com/siouxphillipsfloraldesign/ 


2. Planning Support

When choosing a tipi supplier, it’s great to think about the support you may need throughout wedding planning and how each may be able to help. From site visits to planning meetings, floor plans to suppliers, we are always just an email away. This isn’t just about your tipis, either. We are passionate about all things weddings, so we’re happy to help as much or as little as you need.

3. Experience

When it comes to experience, this is everything from time in the wedding industry to the number of tipi weddings they’ve been a part of. We are very transparent in that we are a relatively new company. We only got engaged ourselves back in 2017, so not even 3 years ago when we first landed in the world of tipis. Having said that, though, we think that very thing is what sets us apart. We can all help with the experience we’ve had in setting up tipis for other couples, but we can relate to you in the fact we’ve been in your shoes too. There are, of course, companies who have 10 years on top of us, so if that’s important to you we’d love you to shop around! Despite that, we LOVE working with couples who we know we can relate to and have the personal experience to make your dream wedding happen.

4. Not just your tipi company

When choosing a tipi company, the most important thing is the tipis themselves. They are the big, amazing structure that will make your wedding day exactly what it is. If you were looking for ways to make planning that little bit easier, consider what other suppliers you’ll need to find your wedding day. From your bar company to your photographer, lots of people make up a wedding day, but what if one company could offer it all? When booking a more traditional wedding venue, you tend to get a coordinator too. This is the main point of contact for everyone in the lead up and on the day. With a tipi wedding, you are the coordinator! The less people you can work with the smoother your day will run, so it’s something we recommend looking into when researching your tipi supplier too!

We ourselves offer bar hire, some essential decor pieces, and a garden games package. We can also organise your generator and offer a ceremony set up for the day. I, Sophie, am also a full-time wedding photographer, so I would love to tick that box off your list. Different companies will offer different things, so it’s worth doing that little bit more research to see what best suits you!


5. The Legal Bits and Bobs

The boring but equally as important bits are insurance and the paperwork you’ll receive with your booking! Ensure whatever company you choose will be ensured on your big day, but also that you get a receipt to confirm your booking when you pay your deposit due. Contracts are also super important to protect you both, no matter what happens in the lead-up to your day. With the current COVID19 situation, contracts are more important than ever, so make sure this box is ticked too!


A quick note in relation to COVID19 – we want to send our best wishes to all the couples who have unfortunately had to postpone their wedding dates at this time. It’s absolutely devasting, but just know your wedding will be even better and worth the wait you’re faced with. If you need someone to talk to or are after any advice, feel free to reach out to us. We’re always free for a chat. Stay safe and well and we hope we can be a part of your date, whenever it happens.


We hope our top tips for choosing a tipi supplier are helpful and wish you the best in finding the company for you!

Think we might tick that box or just want to chat further? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by clicking here!